Cat & Dog

At Handmade Parties we pride ourselves on being able to offer you, our customers the most creative and unique party pieces possible! Our Puppy and Kitten themes are no exception.

We have sourced and handmade every one of our Puppy and Kitten items so that you can throw your child a fantastically creative Puppy or Kitten Party that they will always remember.

There is no minimum order. You can buy and / or hire as little or as much as you need.

Do you need some special items to complete your own party vision?

We are confident you will find something special at Handmade Parties! Or are you short on time and need help? We can bring to you our Puppy or Kitten Party Package – everything you need to throw an incredible Puppy or Kitten Party at home or at a venue of your choice.





Coming Soon…

We strive to create magical party items that will match a child’s amazing imagination!

From large toadstools, giant dinosaurs, pirate ships, mermaid tails, bubble machines to tables, chairs and the most delicate fairy teacups and teapots – we have something for everyone.

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